The latest data about how Americans get to work is now available. The 2013 American Community Survey estimates by the US Census Bureau were released last fall. This is the latest source of information about trends in how Americans are getting to work. Note that this data only considers commutes to work, not other routine trips such as school, recreation, or entertainment.

Oklahoma City and Tulsa continue to rank near the bottom of cities when it comes to commuting by bike, walking, or transit- But both regions are realizing the importance of focusing on these options in the future. This week, Embark transit service of Oklahoma City launched evening bus service until midnight on two routes for the first time since 1979. Previously, Oklahoma City was the largest city in the country without evening bus service.

We also looked at this data for our region and the largest US cities last year.

For excellent information about this data, check out Bike Pittsburgh and the League of American Bicyclists.