2015 Placemaking Conference

IQC will again welcome citizens, civic leaders, and professionals from around the region to learn from outstanding leaders in placemaking and community building.
Conference Information

Power of Place – Carol Coletta

“We live in a democracy that depends on voters, and voting depends on engagement. The future of the city is crowdsourced.” “At Knight we are exploring how places can be designed to encourage more robust engagement. The places we inhabit every day can... read more

Branding Communities – Tripp Muldrow

“A brand in a community is a promise a place makes with people. In communities we are working, we are working on branding for people who live there rather than to attract people in.” Tripp Muldrow works with communities to express their identity and... read more

Anchoring Quality Communities – Tom Murphy

“Cities are being driven by their ability to attract talent. The most important investment a city can make is education.” “Denver is an example of a city that made an intentional decision to invest in mass transit. Oklahoma City made a decision to... read more

Place-Based Investment – Vincent LoVoi

“For an investor to succeed in a community-building investment, he or she has to have partners, has to have talent who can drive the investment forward. They have to have a cheering section in a community.” “One of the biggest community challenges... read more