2015 Placemaking Conference

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Ron Frantz at Oklahoma Main Street Training

Ron Frantz had the opportunity to present IQC ideas and case studies related to walkability and commercial main streets at the Oklahoma Main Street Center's Program Manager and Volunteer Training on August 4. The presentation includes data about how main streets are...

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Cities for All – Gil Penalosa

"To improve walking you have to make the pedestrian the priority." "If you can build cities that work for people who are 8 years old and 80, you have hit the mark." Global cities are facing challenges that can be solved with new...

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Power of Place – Carol Coletta

"We live in a democracy that depends on voters, and voting depends on engagement. The future of the city is crowdsourced." "At Knight we are exploring how places can be designed to encourage more robust engagement. The places we...

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Branding Communities – Tripp Muldrow

"A brand in a community is a promise a place makes with people. In communities we are working, we are working on branding for people who live there rather than to attract people in." Tripp Muldrow works with communities to express...

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